Pigeon Keeping for the Handicapped

By E. R, BALL, Toronto, Canada

It has been my earnest desire for a good many years to try to bring this to the attention of handicapped people both men and women, young and old. The trouble was and is where to make a beginning how to reach these people because being handicapped myself I know the biggest part of handicapped people are either in homes, hospitals, institutions, etc., which makes it rather difficult to reach them, but I realize that a start has got to be made somewhere.

To those who are able I ask your help as it will cost you very little outside of a few hours of your spare time, if you know or hear or see of any handicapped person. go and see them and talk to them, tell them of the many happy years that may be derived from pigeon keeping. They do not need an elaborate set-up as most types of pigeons and breeds are very hardy and can be kept almost anywhere that is clean and dry. The little expense incurred in buying feed is a very small item indeed, when this is balanced against the happiness that may be obtained.

If you cannot spare the time to make a personal call send your older issues of the A.P.J. and I am sure once they start to read the different articles they will become interested, for there are so many different angles of interest, it not being necessary to fly, one can breed for show, color, markings or simply by crossing can originate a strain of their own for what does it matter as long as the results are arrived at, the same being many hours of happiness and enjoyment instead of sitting alone and praying and wishing for something that may never occur.

Encourage them to write to other fanciers; as I myself have never met a pigeon fancier who was too busy to offer a helping hand. I know we will meet with a lot of failures and disappointments because some of these people are very hard to convince, but do not let this get you down for if you only have been the means of showing one person the way to many happy hours I am sure you will be well rewarded for your effort.

I myself am offering four pair of Rollers, four pair of Tipplers. young birds to any handicapped person who will write me and say they are really interested. There will: be no expense to them as I will pay all shipping charges, etc.; all I ask is should the person receiving these birds for any reason wish to discontinue the hobby, return these birds to me, for as far as I know, they are the best money can buy. Come on fellows lend a helping hand and let's get the ball a rolling. More at a later date if acceptable.

Central Roller Club