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Adeno Virus, PMV and Circovirus are on the rise! Give your pigeons a fighting chance by boosting their immune systems.

Adeno Virus, PMV and Circovirus are different strains of the same virus. Circovirus is an infectious transmittable disease that spreads from one bird to the other. It is assumed to be spread through physical contact as well as on the dust in the loft, there. fore, making it airborne. Once in the loft every pigeon will be exposed to the virus and the majority will become infected. Birds that do become sick will almost invariably die. The ones that do not become sick eventually clear the virus from their system. We do not know how long this takes but it is thought the majority will clear the virus in about 4-6 months. However, there is the possibility that some birds will fail to clear the virus and remain as persistent carriers. While the virus is active it interferes with the functioning of the immune system. This means the pigeons' ability to resist other infections is compromised. IMPORTANT - Killing of sick birds will not eliminate the disease because the majority of infected birds show no symptoms.

You can fight back!

Viruses attack in 2 waves. 90% of birds die in the second wave because an impaired immune system has increased their vulnerability to secondary disease. It is essential that birds have developed a good immunity to the second wave to avoid death. Remember that all birds need a strong immune system to fight off infections and disease. All immune systems benefit from supplemental nutrition. Pigeon Nutri-Drops contains high energy vitamins, amino acids and minerals to boost the immune system. Backed by 20 years of research, field trials and 2 U.S. Patents.

PIGEON Nutri-Drops owns the first patent ever granted for speed of nutrient availability".

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"My birds were dying. My birds tested positive for PMV/Circovirus. I lost almost 900 birds & lost all hope. I gave them Pigeon Nutri-Drops and in a very short period of time, my birds were perky. I am so delighted with Nutri-Drops that I have ordered 2 more cases to give to the rest of my birds. Thank you, thank you Bovidr for saving my birds.

Mike Owen, Boxes for Birds, Conway, Ar

"I was fortunate to have been involved in the testing of Nutri-Drops with

Bovidr Laboratories over the last year or so. This product "really works".

For over 40 years I've tried many different products. and Pigeon Nutri-Drops  "blows all the others away." Jim Rini Sr., Florida 813-817-0873

"I placed half the birds on Nutri-Drops and the other half without to see what it Guarantee would do. After the second week the birds on the Nutri-Drops seemed to be in better shape. Feathers had more sheen and better texture, feet are darker, and they seem more lively

. I placed Governor Arnold on Nutri-Drops starting with a few drops into his beak for a couple days and after 2 weeks the old guy starting talking to a hen again." Melissa Ferrell, Ferrell Lofts, California

Contains all natural ingredients.

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