Central Roller Club

NBRC Hall Of Famers Eldon Cheney, Paul Vaughn, Jim Petersen, Gus Umphreys,  and Joe Marlott

Hall of Famers Gus Umphreys a true friend to the hobby.

Gus, as all of his roller friends know him, has been a driving force for the betterment of the pigeon hobby for many years, and a promoter of the Birmingham roller for over 40 years.

Gus was past President and leader of the Iowa Roller Club in the 60's and 70's. He also was an officer in the Southeast Iowa Pigeon Club, an all breeds club, for many years as well. He served as Sec/treasurer and also President . To sum things up, he kept the Central Roller Club going from it's inception in 1976 until the 2000's.

Gus along with Jim Petersen, his friend of 42 years, helped form the Rexroat Memorial Kit Flies as well as other competition flying events. He also served as Show Secretary for the CRC annual convention and fly (later known as the "paul Vaughn Classic") for many years. Gus also served as judge for both coop shows and fly competitions around the area. Gus kits were usually at the top of the standings and always entertaining.

A friend to all, every event was more lively by the keen sense of fun and the great sense of humor Gus had always possessed. The roller hobby wouldn't have been as well informed if not for, Gus the past 40+ years. I know without a doubt, it wouldn't have been nearly as much fun either!

NBRC Hall of Famers Gus Umphreys, Paul Vaughn, and Jim Petersen

 True Fancy .... From  True Fancier- Hall of Famer Jim Petersen - as featured in the July- August 2002 NBRC Bulletin

"As a friend, leader and promoter of the hobby, NBRC Hall of Fame Member Jim Petersen has long been one of it's most revered and remarkable members. A man of quite dignity, a man of integrity and honesty, a man with a wonderful sense of humor who has long carried forthrightness to his hobby. As a member of local and regional clubs he has sought to ensure that interest of every fancier receive the attention that they deserve. On a national level as well, he has been a true leader whose efforts have instrumental in expanding the hobby to embrace everyone, regardless of location or standing- serving the fancy in many capacities- offices ranging from secretarial to presidential and from publicity to promotion. My first exposure to the name Jim Petersen was in my first year in pigeons. As the URC Publicity Director in the 80's, his monthly columns in the American Pigeon Journal inspired many new fanciers and we developed a fondness and affection for him from afar. He gave our hobby a level of respect and media visibility that only a few others had been able to accomplish, allowing us to appreciate one of his greatest qualities- leading and inspiring others to continue the work and carry the inspirational manner and worked so well because his interest is genuine. Jim Petersen is one of the hobby's best teacher, one of the best communicators and one of the best people... using his talent to not only educate but also enlighten... making it extremely difficult for someone to try to match his legacy. True fancy...

                             Bob Simpson, NBRC Publishing Editor