Central Roller Club

CRC Competition Rules

1. We will fly 11 birds.

2. One "out bird" ( a bird flying outside the kit) will be allowed. If two or more birds are out of the kit, scoring will stop until at least ten are back in the kit.

3. A flyer will be given 5 minutes after the releasing of his birds to call a " time in " to begin scoring. If time in isn't called in this time frame, scoring will begin automatically at the 5 minute mark after release.

4.The kit will be scored and on the clock for 15 minutes.

5. In the case of an attack by a bird of prey or for some other " act of nature" the flyer may request a 5 minute "time out". A "time out" will not be included in the 15 minute total flying time.

6. Individual scoring will be used. The break down of points are as follows: More then ten foot but less then twenty = 1 point, More then twenty foot deep but less then thirty feet = 2 points, More then thirty feet = 3 points. In other words, short spinners will get 1 point, medium spinners 2 points and deep spinners will get 3 points at the discretion of the judge.

7. At the end of the fly the judge will award a Quality Multiplier. The range in this Quality Multiplier is from 1.0 ( minimum quality to score) to a high of 2.0 (absolutely the most incredible spinning the judge has ever witnessed).

8. The "total score" will be determined by multiplying the raw score by the quality multiplier. Example: 29 (raw score) X 1.4 (quality Multiplier) = 40.6 (total score).

9. A bird that lands early will be an "out bird". If a second bird gets out of the kit, no rolling will be scored until it returns. If a second bird lands before the 15 minute fly time, scoring will stop. There will be no disqualifications. The flyer will receive all points scored before the landing of the second bird or at the end of the 15 minute judging period. The contestant flier is not allowed to use any device (noise makers, flags,etc.) to keep the kit from landing.

10. The decision of the judge(s) will be final.